School transport

Updated: 01.09.21

School bus services from September 2021

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we will only be offering 2 payment options from September 2021 for the BwD dedicated school bus services (public bus services are not affected).

The 2 options are:

  1. Purchasing books of vouchers online – please see information, prices and the link below. This service is available 24/7 throughout the summer holidays. Please allow up to one week for delivery of your vouchers.
  2. Cash will be accepted on the bus but only in exceptional circumstances.

Unfortunately, we will not be offering the option of purchasing bus passes either by a direct debit payment plan or a termly payment due to the ongoing uncertainty with the pandemic.

Please check this page regularly throughout the summer as the information provided is under constant review and will be updated in accordance with government guidelines.

Please note that this information relates to Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council dedicated school bus services only.

Blackburn with Darwen provides bus services to a number of schools in the borough for pupils who reside in Blackburn with Darwen and attend a Blackburn with Darwen school. They are provided primarily for pupils who qualify for statutory home to school transport but are also open to a number of pupils who do not qualify for free transport.

More information on our home to school transport policy.

Emergency guidance for home to school transport

The guidance available in the downloadable documents below sets out how provided school transport in Blackburn with Darwen is to resume and these plans will be updated as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) emergency develops and changes (locally and nationally), and as Government advice is updated or altered.

Designated School Pre Paid Bus Vouchers

You can purchase online designated pre-paid bus vouchers for home to school transport.

These vouchers have been introduced to offer a more flexible option to pupils and to replace season tickets and daily bus fares for those pupils who wish to travel to school using designated school buses as listed below.

These vouchers can only be used on the services listed below and are not valid on any other services.

If your school bus service is not listed below please do not purchase vouchers; you will need to contact the bus company direct.

One voucher will be used each time a pupil uses a school bus service.

Price options

Price options
Daily bus fare Book of 20 vouchers Book of 50 vouchers Book of 100 vouchers includes 10% discount
BwD schools £1.25 £25.00 £62.50 £112.50
Bolton schools £1.75 £35.00 £87.50 £157.50

Please request vouchers at least one week before you require them.

Unused vouchers will not be reimbursed unless in exceptional circumstances.

Renewals of season tickets will no longer be available for this current school year due to ongoing Covid 19 restrictions.

Request prepaid school bus vouchers

School bus service timetables

School service bus timetables are available in our bus timetables section.

Transport for children with special educational needs

Please contact the SEN team.