Keep It Tidy Volunteers

Support local residents who want to keep their neighbourhood clean and safe

Litter picker volunteer

You can sign up as a Keep It Tidy litter picker on the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership website. It's quick and easy to do, and you'll get a free litter picking kit so you can start straight away. The kit includes a litter picker, gloves, bags and lots more.

Community clean up

A community clean up is an organised litter pick event. It's held by a group of local residents for a specific area like a back alley. It's a great way for residents to get together to look after their local environment, and an opportunity to get to know others in your community, as well as providing health and wellbeing benefits.

If you organise a community clean up event we can help by:

  • providing free tools to borrow such as spades and rakes
  • removing rubbish - you collect it, we'll take away
  • keeping you safe - we can provide simple advice
  • getting the word out - we can help publicise your event and help you to keep it tidy afterwards

Please tell us at least 7 days before your planned community clean up. We can give you guidance, equipment or support, if needed. We can tell you the best locations to leave any waste for collection.

Tell us about your community clean-up

Removal of waste

Once you have completed your litter pick or community clean up, fill in the bags for removal form and we will pick up the waste you have collected. You need to put it in an area where it's accessible for our large caged vehicles and safe to remove.

Report bags for removal


  • any waste collected from the community clean-up event must be placed inside the authorised red 'keep it tidy' bags. The team will not collect waste that is placed in other coloured bags
  • only use the red bags for litter or small items, which can be easily lifted onto the vehicles. Please do not overfill the bags or fill the bags with hard core waste, rubble, vegetation, soil etc.

Red bags

If you need more red bags, you can get them from:

  • Audley and Queens Park Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Pringle Street, Blackburn BB1 1SF
  • Bank Top Learning Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Arthur Way, Blackburn BB2 1QP
  • Darwen Library, Knott Street, Darwen BB3 3BU
  • Darwen Town Hall, Croft Street, Darwen BB3 1BG
  • Little Harwood Children’s Centre, Robinson Street, Blackburn BB1 5PE
  • Mill Hill Community Centre, New Chapel Street, Blackburn BB2 4DT
  • The Bungalow, Davyfield Road BB1 2LX

Further guidance

Please make sure you:

  • wear gloves, appropriate clothing and footwear
  • place any abandoned bins near to the arranged waste collection point
  • don't remove waste from private land or from inside the boundary of private properties
  • don't attempt to remove any clinical waste e.g. hypodermic needles, asbestos or other hazardous materials. Instead, report it to our cleansing department on 01254 585921

If residents have any bulky items in their property boundary (including black bagged waste) that they want to get rid of, they can visit the Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Alternatively, you can make a request for a bulky waste collection.

Request a bulky waste collection

If there is a bin which has been left for a minimum of 4 weeks, you can report it as an abandoned bin.

Report an abandoned bin