Keep It Tidy volunteers

Community clean-up guidelines

Please note the following guidelines when participating in a community clean-up;

We advise that the council is notified at least 7 days in advance of the community clean-up. The team will then provide further guidance, equipment or support, if required.

Any waste due for collection must be placed in an area which is easily accessible by a large caged vehicle and safe to remove. When you notify the team of the clean-up event, they will advise on the best locations of where the waste can be left for collection.

  • any waste collected from the community clean-up event must be placed inside the authorised red 'keep it tidy' receptacles (bags). The team will not collect waste that is placed in other coloured receptacles.
  • the red receptacles (bags) are to be used for litter or small items, which can be easily lifted onto the vehicles. Please do not overfill the bags or fill the bags with hard core waste, rubble, vegetation, soil etc.

Further guidance

Please ensure to read the following guidelines:

  • follow any relevant Government COVID safety advice.
  • wear gloves, appropriate clothing and footwear
  • place any abandoned bins near to the arranged waste collection point
  • please do not remove waste from private land or from inside the boundary of private properties
  • for health and safety purposes, do not attempt to remove any clinical waste e.g. hypodermic needles, asbestos or other hazardous materials. If clinical waste has been identified, you can report dangerous waste online by contacting cleansing on 01254585921

If residents have any bulky items in their property boundary (including black bagged waste) that they wish to dispose of, they can visit the Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Alternatively, they can organise a bulky waste collection.

To report an abandoned bin which has been left for a minimum of 4 weeks, please report this to us.