Apply for a vehicle licence and book a taxi test

How to apply and pay for a licence for your hackney carriage or private hire vehicle

Information required before applying

We will not issue a vehicle licence for any vehicle which is licensed with any other Local Authority. 
If we become aware that a vehicle has a licence from another Local Authority, the Blackburn with Darwen vehicle licence will be immediately revoked.

Vehicle type approval

All licensed vehicles must have an appropriate “type approval”. Vehicles that were first registered as a van or minibus (N1 category) must have Individual Vehicle Approval if they are modified to carry passengers. Proof of approval is required. 

How to get a vehicle type approval certificate 

Licence duration  

  • Vehicles aged less than 5 years - 12 months
  • Vehicles aged 5 years or over - 6 months
  • Vehicles aged 5 years or over that pass our vehicle test first time - 8 months

Licence plates

Licensed vehicles will be issued with a plate for life.  This must be securely fixed to the back of the vehicle when the vehicle licence is in force.


We will only issue a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle licence where we are satisfied that the vehicle:

  • is safe
  • is suitable in size, type and design 
  • provides a reasonable standard of comfort for passengers  

Vehicles must pass a standard MOT and meet the standards set out in our Supplementary Testing Manual.

Vehicle testing is carried out at our Motor Vehicle Service Station, Davyfield Road, Blackburn.

We will issue a licence for any vehicle written off by insurers under category N or S, once repaired and tested. 

  • Category S relates to vehicles that have sustained structural damage that is repairable 
  • Category N relates to vehicles that have sustained non-structural damage that is repairable

Vehicles must have at least 4 road wheels.


Appropriate insurance must be in force throughout the licensed period. Any vehicle that is not adequately insured for public hire or private hire will have its licence immediately suspended.

Passenger numbers

Vehicle licences are normally issued for the carriage of between 4 and 8 passengers in reasonable comfort. Approved passenger numbers must not be exceeded under any circumstances.

Doors and luggage

Vehicles should have no less than 3 doors through which passengers may enter and leave the vehicle safely. They should provide reasonable accommodation for luggage.

Fittings and signage

Licensed vehicles must not have any fittings attached to, or carried on the inside or outside of the vehicle that have not been approved by us. They must not display any signs, notices or advertisements that are not legally required, or that we have not authorised. 

Requesting a taxi test and paying for a vehicle licence

Our online form can be used to:

  • book a taxi test for a private hire vehicle or hackney carriage
  • book a taxi re-test for a private hire vehicle or hackney carriage
  • request a copy of MOT certificate
  • pay for a vehicle licence

You will need details of the vehicle and must upload your insurance and V5 document.


  • Less than 10 days since first test - book a 30 minute re-test
  • 10 days or more since first test - book a 1 hour re-test


Taxi test£62
Taxi re-test 1 hour£46
Taxi re-test 30 minutes£32
Taxi test cancellation fee£11
Lifting a suspension£46
Private hire or hackney carriage vehicle licenceCost for electric vehicleCost for hybrid vehicleCost for petrol or diesel vehicle
6 months£49£78£97
12 months£75£119£149
Door stickers (pair)£10

Request a taxi test and pay for a vehicle licence

Due to maintenance, this form will not be available from 4pm on Friday 17 May until 10am on Monday 20 May. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.