Specialised door to door transport services

Information, guidance contact details for Specialised door to door transport services

Demand responsive transport

We understand the worry and stress caused when people lose a bus service, be it a link to the shops, the hospital or to see friends.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council has been working closely with small local operators who offer specialised door to door services (or demand responsive transport) for those who:

  • are struggling to get out and about
  • find it too far to walk to the nearest bus service
  • find their shopping too heavy to carry home
  • need to attend hospital appointments or visiting


Operators who offer this service:


You can call the operator on 01254 200333 / 01254 200088. Alternatively, you can email enquiries@dialaride.info

Travel Assist

You can call the operator on 01254 773765. Alternatively, you can email travelassist@btconnect.com

Find further information on the Travel Assist website.

Travel Assist

RVS Community Transport

You can call the operator on 01200 442513.

Find further information on the RVS website.

For more information on these services, days of operation and fares, please contact the relevant operator in terms of your specific requirements and needs.

Information can also be requested from the Visitor Centre.