High hedges

Information about appealing, complaining, light blocking and settling disputes.

Settling disputes over high hedges

The Council encourages people to try and settle any disputes with neighbours about high hedges between themselves.

GOV.UK have published advice and guidance on how to do this.

  • Over the garden hedge - Advice on how to settle your hedge differences without involving the local authority. This process must be attempted before a complaint can be made to your local authority
  • High hedges complaints: prevention and cure - A detailed booklet containing useful information and guidance on how to settle high hedge disputes yourself. The booklet also explains how to complain to the council, what type of complaints the Council will consider and how it deals with them. Information on high hedge legislation and appeals is also available.

Help with disputes

The types of complaints that the Council will deal with are highlighted in the high hedges complaints, prevention and cure booklet.

Complaining to the Council explains what will happen if the Council gets involved.