Bin collections

To make sure we can collect your bin each time, follow these simple steps below;

Please do

  • put your bin at the edge of the property by 7am with the lid closed.
  • take the bin back into your property as soon as possible after collection to prevent arson, theft and vandalism.
  • put your house number/address on the bin and your back gate (if you have one).
  • recycle as much of your rubbish as possible, you can find lots of helpful hints and tips on our recycling website.
  • always bag your burgundy bin waste before putting it in your burgundy bin.
  • wipe down the handles of your wheelie bin with an antibacterial agent when you put it out to be emptied and when you bring it back in.

Please do not

  • put your bin out before 6pm on the evening before collection.
  • overfill the bin or put bricks, soil or DIY waste in your rubbish bin.
  • leave additional rubbish on top of, or beside your bin.
  • park vehicles in positions which may stop the crew getting into the street or back alley as it may mean your bin cannot be collected

Find out when your bins will be collected