Contaminated bins

A contaminated bin is either a green waste bin (brown bin) or recycling bin (grey bin) which has non-recyclable waste in it.

Recycling crews cannot empty a contaminated bin. If this goes into the recycling wagon then the entire wagon-load becomes contaminated and it may have to be diverted to landfill rather than its proper recycling channels.

If your recycling bin (grey or brown) has been contaminated the crews will sticker your bin as contaminated and leave you with some recycling sacks to tide you over until next collection day.

You can either remove the contaminated waste yourself and it will be collected as normal on the next collection day or you can request a fresh start where a refuse vehicle will empty your bin and leave you with an empty bin ready to recycle correctly.

The cost of this service will be £7.50 per bin.

Request a fresh start bin

We want to help you keep your back streets clean

Back street rubbish

Rubbish left out like this attracts rats and vermin which can affect your family’s health and attract more rubbish dumping. This often causes tension between neighbours.

We spend thousands of pounds every year of your Council Tax clearing up abandoned bins.

This money that could be better spent on schools, help for the elderly or leisure centres.