Bulky item collection times and access

We cannot give a specific collection time or knock on your door, but we are able to give you a specific date of collection and require the items to be left in an accessible place on that date. The accessible place must allow direct access to where the collection vehicle will be able to park. Collections are made between 7:30am to 4pm.

The collection crew may enter your garden, as long as it is easily accessible and safe to do so. If you do not make access available, e.g. a gate is locked, you will need to contact us to rearrange a collection for no extra charge.

No more than one re-arranged collection will be made per bulky item order. If, after the second time of visiting, you do not resolve the problem or fail to allow access, no refund or collection will be made.

Collections will only be made if items are:

  • booked
  • accessible
  • clean
  • safe to move without having to carry heavy items up or down steps or lift the items over obstructions such as walls or hedges.

If they are not, they will not be collected.


No collections will be made where there is dog faeces, or similar, obstructing access to or around the items. Collections will also not be made where dogs are left in the garden/yard.

If you cannot / will not resolve any problems with your collection as detailed above, a full refund will be issued.


If your items have not been collected due to exceptional circumstances such as roadworks/bad weather/items are inaccessible, then we will attempt to further collect your items on two separate occasions. If we are still not able to collect your items, we will issue a full refund and ask you to re-book with us when the issue has been resolved.