Paint disposal

Paint has to be disposed of in a specific and responsible way to prevent any harm to the environment (for instance it should never be poured down the drain). Where possible, please buy water based, low toxicity paints.

If the paint you no longer need is of good quality and could be used by someone else, please donate it to a friend , neighbour, local charity or anyone who could make use of it.

Emulsion (water-based) paint

Part used tins of water-based paint can be disposed of in your normal burgundy rubbish bin, as long as it has been fully dried out first. This is because of restrictions on the disposal of liquids and to avoid the risk of paint dripping out of
collection vehicles.

It’s easy to dry your water-based paint out :

  1. Add some sand, sawdust, paint hardener or soil,
  2. Stir and leave it to set away from children and animals in a well-ventilated area,
  3. When it is fully hardened put it in your wheeled bin with the lid off.

This should not be done with solvent or oil-based paint i.e. those that you need to clean brushes with white spirit, turpentine or a solvent-based brush cleaner, lead-based paint, or any other liquid chemicals.

Solvent-based paint

Solvent-based, oil-based or lead-based paints and other liquid chemicals need to be disposed of in a different manner. You should dispose of these types of paint at Blackburn or Darwen Household Waste Recycling Centres .

Empty paint cans

Empty paint cans, including spray cans, can also be taken to either the Blackburn or Darwen household waste recycling centre

  • Metal cans should be placed in the ‘scrap metal’ container.
  • Plastic cans should be placed in the ‘waste to landfill’ container (or can be put in your burgundy rubbish bin).