Household waste recycling centres

The household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) in Blackburn and Darwen, are to be used by the residents of the borough, to dispose/recycle household waste and 'bulky' household items.


There are recycling centres (tips) in both Blackburn and Darwen.

George Street West, Blackburn

Spring Vale Road, Darwen

Visiting the recycling centres

Please separate out your rubbish for recycling before you visit the site. Recycling saves money on burying recyclable items and helps protect our environment.

Proof that you live in the borough will need to be shown to the site staff before you are allowed to dispose of waste. Proof of residency includes one of the following:

  • your current Council tax bill
  • your current utility, mortgage, bank or credit card statement.

If a permit is required to dispose of your waste then you will also need this with you.

Be polite to staff and other site visitors, and please be patient if you have to wait to dispose of your waste whilst the site closes to exchange full containers for empty ones.

Drive carefully within the site, beware of pedestrians, and please do not dump items on the ground.

Social distancing measures are in place at the sites and residents should not visit the sites if they have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 10 days or are shielding.

Accessing your HWRCs

The Council operates an access policy at both centres. The access policy helps to reduce congestion, increase safety and prevents trade waste from entering our sites.

The usage of our recycling centres may be monitored and suspected abuse will be investigated. Staff on site have authority to refuse entry if they suspect a visitor is bringing trade waste to the centres.

Trade waste is not accepted at the recycling centres, the penalties for depositing such waste can carry fines of up to £50,000.

Other aspects of the access policy include:

  • Blackburn with Darwen residents only - proof of residency required
  • permit required for vans, pickups and trailers
  • permit required for disposal of construction/DIY type waste
  • no parking outside the centres and carrying the waste in

Find further information on the access policy terms and conditions.

Trade waste

Trade/business/commercial waste is not accepted at either recycling centres (this includes waste from businesses or shops) and will be turned away.

Find further information on the access policy terms and conditions.


A permit is required to dispose of construction or inert DIY type waste. There is no charge for a permit.

Find out more about construction/DIY waste permits

If you use a van/pickup/trailer to take your waste/recyclables to the sites, you will need a permit to enter. There is no charge for a permit.

Find out more about van/pickup/trailer permits