Construction or inert DIY type material waste disposal

Anyone arriving at either the Blackburn or Darwen household waste recycling centre will be required to produce a permit to be allowed to ‘tip off’ construction/ DIY- type wastes.

If you do not have a permit you will not be allowed to dispose of construction / DIY-type waste.

In the 12 month period from the date of issue your permit will allow you to dispose of up to 10 standard rubble- sized bags (600mm x 900mm) or equivalent items. An equivalent item could be a toilet, sink, or large plasterboard sheet.

If you are using a van or trailer, you will also need a van/trailer permit.

You must present your permit to the site staff upon arrival. Your permit will be ‘clipped’ for each bag or equivalent items which you dispose of.

If have used up your allowance for the 12 months on your permit you cannot pay at the centres. Please hire a skip or dispose of at a ‘trade’ waste disposal centre.

Apply for a permit

Only one permit will be issued per vehicle and per household at any one time.

Once your application has been approved, your permit will be posted to you.

Types of waste that require a permit

Anything that needs to be placed in the hardcore / construction waste or plasterboard skips at the centres requires a permit to be disposed of.

The follwing items must not be placed in the general waste skips:

  • Ash (from coal fires/woodburners etc.)
  • Bath
  • Bathroom sink, pedestal, bidet
  • Bricks
  • Ceramics
  • Chimney pots
  • Clay
  • Concrete/concrete fence post, lintels
  • Flag stones
  • Hardcore, rubble
  • Kitchen sink
  • Plaster, plasterboard
  • Tiles – floor, wall or roof (incl slates)
  • Soil including sand, stones, turf
  • Tarmac
  • Toilet base, or cistern